Halloween + Bling2o = Creative Costume Fun

When the leaves start to change and pumpkins appear on doorsteps you know it’s time to start preparing for Halloween! Let your little one’s creativity soar with these unique costume ideas, incorporating their favorite goggles!

  • 1) Ms. Donut 🍩
  • Sweet and simple, your munchkin is in for a treat! So many ways to customize this delightful costume. Just make sure there are plenty of sprinkles!

    Donut Costume Idea

    2) Butterfly Queen 🦋

    Fluttering wings and glitter are all you need to make a butterfly queen!

    Butterfly Costume Idea


    3) Heart Eyes Emoji 😍

    Yellow clothes, a little face paint, and your Bling2o Je T’Aime goggles will have you head-over-heels for this simple and cheerful costume!

    4) Shark Attack 🦈

    Whether you choose to rock the back fin or a homemade fin hat - this fierce look is completed with your Jawsome goggles.

    5) Alien Visitor 👽

    Be out of this world in this futuristic get-up! Daydream your alien outfit any which way, the sky’s the limit! Just don’t forget to add your Alien goggles as a finishing touch.

    6) Rad Raptor 🐉

    Rawr back through time with this wild prehistoric look!

    Dinosaur Costume Idea

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